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Abel Truchet

Abel Truchet, 1857-1918, was a lithographer and painter of scenes from ordinary life, landscapes, Parisian street scenes and portraits. Today his works are widely known and eagerly sought by collectors and connoisseurs. Truchet designed five menu illustrations for the Cornet Society between 1903 and 1913 - primarily of women dressed to the nines. He was a member of The National Society of Fine Arts and, as mentioned earlier, with fellow Cornet Society member Charles Leandre, he founded the Society of Designers and Humorists. 

Truchet had his art displayed at the Cabaret des Quat’z’Arts, a very popular artist haunt in Montmartre where the Cornet held a few of its meetings. Five of the eight artists featured in Phillip Dennis Cates’ description of the Quat'z'Arts in Spirit of Montmartre were Cornet Society members.

In 1894 Truchet designed an early cinema poster showing two ladies wearing hats and watching the big screen. Even though he was already 57, in 1914 he volunteered for military service, later became a commanding officer, and died while serving. In 1919 his work was included in an exhibition in Paris, identified by Benezit as Exhibition of Works by Artists who Died for their Country (l’Exposition des oeuvres des Artistes morts pour la Patrie).




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