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Andre Warnod

Andre Warnod, 1885-1960, Cornet member from 1911. Joe Bridge, in his Le Cornet biography of Warnod, maintained that he showed considerable talent in painting and drawing from a very early age. After he graduated from school with awards in history and art, Warnod studied art at The School of Fine and Decorative Arts. Following his service in WWI Warnod began working as a book illustrator, drawing for various magazines and journals, notably the Comedia, a popular Parisian magazine, where he worked as an art critic. In addition, Cornet exhibition notices and announcements were written by Warnod in the Comedia magazine. He was then drawn to writing about early bohemian culture and found his fortune. Warnod’s friends were often shocked and surprised by his writing and exotic interests, since he was a quiet, shy man with a low-key demeanor in public.  Conversely, he was also known as someone who could be a very spirited individual and who both passionately loved the arts and delighted in the underground culture of Parisian nightlife. Warnod painted a Pierrot postcard for Wague in 1935, and was a menu artist of the Cornet and a Knight of the Legion of Honor.




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