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Marcel Bloch

Marcel Bloch, 1882- ?, portrait painter, book illustrator and poster artist, became a Cornet member in 1928 and contributed 14 illustrated menus from 1937 to 1960. At 15 Bloch started working for his father’s business and, becoming infatuated by the beautiful Parisian women who frequented the shop, discovered that he loved drawing them and soon entered the School of Decorative Arts, an art deco school. After graduating he began his career as an artist in a studio located on Faubourg du-Temple near Montmartre. Bloch also taught engraving and became a member of the Artistes Francais, the Humorists and the Independents. His work can be found in WWI propaganda illustrations and the weeklies, Le Rire, Fantasio and La Gazette du Franc, as well as a poster for the Louvre. Bloch exhibited in The Salon of Independent Artists from 1909 and participated in the French Artists Salon in 1921.




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