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Maurice Milliere

Maurice Milliere, born in 1871 in Normandy, illustrated 14 menus between 1923 and 1939 and was a member from 1906 until his death in 1946.  A Knight of the Legion of Honor, Milliere was a painter, designer and engraver whose work is widely admired and actively traded in the global auction market. Most of Milliere's illustrations employed his unique technique of color etching and dry-point and featured the same woman, Fanny, a beautiful, delightfully delicious, erotic, independent, modern young redhead who appeared not to age, no matter the decade. Fanny, in her various roles, was known as the “petite femme de Milliere.”  

Milliere is described in Benezit as a great and serious artist who exhibited in many galleries and salons during his long career. Most Milliere’s menu lithographs involved his precious model, Fanny, who is also shown in his many other works. These include illustrations in magazines such as La Parisienne and Boudoir Art by Catina, postcards and lithographs, and on the vibrant and beautiful Pierrot postcard he painted for Wague in 1930. Along with Francisque Poulbot and Maurice Neumont, Milliere’s devotion to the children of Montmartre soldiers at war compelled him to join the grassroots charitable efforts to feed and clothe them. Milliere also became a Knight of the Legion of Honor.




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