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Second Generation Of Postcards

As you can see from the website, I am the proud and enthusiastic owner/caretaker of a vintage collection of hand-painted postcards and lithograph menu collection. Both these collections were amassed by the famous French mime of the Belle Epoque, Georges Wague of Paris (1874-1965).

The postcard portion of this treasure has been featured in Nandemo Kanteidan, a prestigious TV program here in Japan, where it received rave reviews. It is truly an amazing, wide-ranging collection- the first card of the 167 cards was given to Wague in 1901 and the last in 1952. I acquired the collection in 1997. In 1999 I decided to follow Wague’s footsteps by asking artists and friends with artistic inclinations to contribute a Pierrot postcard of their own. Thus began the “second generation.” As of this writing, I have 98 cards from 33 different artists. The artists are from Australia, France, Japan, New Zealand, The U.K. and the United States.

Let’s get to the point! You guessed it- I would like you, and/or any artist friends you may have, to participate in this adventure! This really is an opportunity for both of us! Through your contribution I will obviously have the pleasure of adding to the collection, while you will have a chance to be part of a historical project and to have your creative talent showcased in a unique forum. This one-of-a- kind collection is about much more than my personal enjoyment: it is motivated by the desire to continue the tradition begun by Wague; to deepen the understanding of the character Pierrot, whom I find so inspiring; and to expand and preserve for posterity this gathering together of exceptional work by talented artists that goes beyond the boundaries of time and geography.

Although, like Wague, unfortunately I am unable to offer artists any financial rewards for their efforts, I always reciprocate in some manner that pleases the artists as individuals. This is a project of the heart. If I were to receive any commercial gain through publication, exhibiting the collection etc., it would be invested in expanding and preserving the collection. I am optimistically hoping that you will feel my sincerity and devotion to the collection. If you are interested in creating a Pierrot postcard for the collection, I believe that taking a few minutes to check out the information, especially the introduction page, in other areas of this website will enhance your knowledge of Pierrot and the collection as a whole. For specific details please email me at idevale7@icloud.com

Many contributing artists have told me that they feel taking part in this project is not only a pleasure, but also an honor. I must say that I feel the same way as them when it comes to being responsible for its preservation and sharing it with art enthusiasts.

Wishing you the joy of discovery!






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