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Victor Clerice

Victor Clerice. 1880- ?, son of Charles Clerice, also an artist. A. Bosc informed readers in his April 1926 Le Cornet biography that Clerice was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and moved to France when he was two years old. At 16 Clerice started illustrating for Journal des Voyages. Bosc asserts that Clerice illustrated for novels but found the work boring because he was limited to following the text. Because of this distaste he began drawing humorous illustrations for local newspapers, with great success. 

Clerice became a member of the Cornet Society in 1911 and illustrated three menus between 1928 and 1942. He was a member of the Society of Lithography, and exhibited in the Exhibition of the Salon of French Artists and the Salon of Humorist Designers.




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